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This is a tale of two travelers, told through a blend of aerial, dance, contortion, text and video.

One is on a quest to find a place in the world through responsibilities to history, moving from alienation to purpose and meaning. 

One is on a quest through the wilderness of the psyche, moving from mental health crisis to healing and recovery. 

Each traveler becomes a witness to the other’s journey, first from a distance, then closer and closer, until the paths converge.  Each course changes the other, along with all that we carried with us to that meeting place.  Who am I? Where do I fit? Why am I the way I am? Why is it the way it is?   The big picture and the inner landscape need each other to be whole. We help each other bear the things we carried.  The path continues forward, together.

Part 1: Maia’s journey: Other Boxes (Stories for Future Ancestors Part 1)


Part 2: Medea’s journey: Symptoms’ Chaos (Stories for those who’ve been there)


Part 3: Conjunction

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